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More on Karma

Sometimes current events remind me that Karma wins in the end. I’ll just leave it at that.

From Gruber I happened to read this post on politeness. It’s so good. I can’t claim to be this polite but damn I wish I was. We just had a small get together with some friends and family for my daughter’s birthday. She is two now. I hope I can teach her how to be this polite and caring.

I have touched on this subject slightly before – here: and . The idea being that your past WILL alter your future. How you treat people will come back to delight or haunt you.

I think a lot about my past and can even recall specific events where I was NOT polite. It could be that I was too young to contemplate how my actions would be perceived. I wish even now I could go back and fix those events. Other times I was not polite and I knew it. I wish I could also fix those events as well but I am glad I remember them. A constant reminder helps me to be polite in the present.

I am older now. I think one of the coolest things about aging is that I can get better at my craft – the art of being me. I don’t care so much anymore what I wear or what people think of me. Other than if people meet me, or hear me speak or hear others speak of me – that they will have a good impression of me. I try to remind myself that this is more important than fashion, more important than my job and will in some way lead to delight in my future.

I am sure that I can improve upon this process. I will try. Starting today to be even more polite than I think I am.

Happy Monday!

Consumer services update – iCarsClub, veggies, and broken iPhone 5

So after about 2 weeks finally approved my application for their service. I think it normally takes 3 days or at least that is what they say. Still no replies to my support emails or tweets. A fail then on all levels for customer service – what if I start using the service? How do I reach them?

On the vegetable front I tried this place :: In general it worked well but I think they could communicate a little better. I did the online order form which sends you a confirmation email. After that nothing happened but then my wife rang me to say someone left a box of veggies at our door. We didn’t know when they were coming and yes, get this – I never paid them. Still need to work that out. Veggies are good though and I will use them again. I might even pay them too. ;)

Last but not least my little girl dropped my iPhone 5 face down on the train yesterday and shattered the glass. I hunted around for someone to repair it near where I live and found this guy :: He quoted (130 sgd) over the phone and I went right over. Fixed it in like 20 mins and put a nice screen cover on it. Very friendly guy that Vincent and does awesome work. Even corrected one of the dents on the side of the phone so the new glass could lay down all the way into the phone. I may take him my bashed iPad mini and my other iPad with cracked glass. Highly recommend his work.

back to work…

Consumer services in Singapore…

I tweeted this yesterday mostly out of frustration with trying out a consumer service here in Singapore with horrible customer service. Looking at you I signed up over a week ago – about 2 weeks now – for their iCarDriver service where you get access to automated short term car sharing. My app is still processing:

To rent and keyless enter nearby cars affordably

Okay – no drama. I user their online customer support email thingy twice. No replies.

I tweet at them in a friendly, like is anywhere there kind of way, and no response. Nothing. How does a consumer company not answer any emails or tweets? Appalling.

Seems they have not tweeted in 30 days. How is that possible?

Check out the tweet search about them – just all stuff about funding and nothing about customers, traction or customer service.

Yet this is a company recently funded –

Maybe they are just annoyed by me, wannabe paying customer, asking for help. I just don’t get it.

But this brings me back to my other feeling about the local ecosystem coverage. There is not much depth to it. It is announcements about starting/funding, then the buzz about someone doing well and then the general industry coverage. There is not a lot about actual reviews of the service, report cards on how companies are doing and a little, but not much about the failing companies – how they failed and what the peeps at the failed places are now doing. I am not bashing the coverage or the people that cover the scene – just highlighting what I think is missing.

Will anyone with a bigger voice than me look into the iCarsClub weirdness? Probably not.

Next I will look into one of these organic vegetable services.