25 years ago I first arrived in India.

I have been coming here ever since I moved to Hong Kong in 1999 – then with BEA Systems, actually Weblogic. Then when I moved to Singapore working for Yahoo I would hit India about every other month.

Then with Spuul I would hit Mumbai from time to time but now I am in Delhi with HOOQ. Delhi is one of the centers for all the Telcos. BizDev time.

I amazes me how much, just like me, stuff has changed. The place is busier than ever. I was in a lift yesterday full of ZTE engineers selling stuff to an India telco. Globalization in full effect. Love it.

Mobile is HUGE here. Just HUGE. The opportunities are massive.

Get in there.

Slight hiatus…

I haven’t blogged in a while.

Been to busy and not a ton I wanted to share.

I have a new gig. CTO of HOOQ – a new joint venture of Warner Bros., Sony Pictures and Singtel. Our mission is to conquer the emerging markets premium OTT space. 

We are also hiring. I’ll share more about the journey as time permits.

Life, as always is a strange trip.

I am blessed with an awesome family, health and rewarding employment.

Cya on the flipside